Month: September 2017

FC Dallas Draw 0-0 With Dempsey’s Seattle Sounders

FC Dallas drew 0-0 with Seattle this weekend, and Dustin breaks it all down.

  • We played defense!
  • We didn’t play offense!
  • Diaz as Captain
  • Acosta v Dempsey
  • Attendance
  • Path to the playoffs

Show Notes

3rd Degree Roster Breakdown

MLS Attendance Stats

2017 MLS Attendance


The Defense Episode: FCD’s defensive woes and Alexi Lalas’ USMNT Rant

  • FC Dallas’ loss to Atlanta
  • A deep dive into FC Dallas’ defensive troubles
  • Alexi Lalas’ calling out the USMNT
  • The state of soccer in the US


Das Reboot: How German Soccer Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World

FC Dallas Draws With NY Red Bulls, USMNT Struggles

Discussing FC Dallas’ 2-2 draw with NYRB.
Plus, unpacking the USMNT’s international break.

Allen Reed: FCD Director of Stadium Grounds

We interviewed Allen Reed, FC Dallas Director of Stadium Grounds about the Toyota Stadium drainage system and preparing for rain, dealing with concerts, customizing the field for the team, and putting designs on the field.

Our thanks to Allen for making time for us in the midst of preparing for high school football and a FC Dallas home match!