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Match Buildup – FC Dallas vs Philadelphia and DBG President Steven Goold

Philadelphia Union come to Frisco to open the 2020 MLS season against FC Dallas. Dustin and Jonathan have the stats, stories, and players to watch to prepare you for the match, as well as lineup and score predictions!

PLUS! Jonathan interviewed Steven Goold of the Dallas Beer Guardians to preview their season and get info on their 24 hour tailgate!

2020 Season Preview

Dustin, Tristan, and Jonathan have everything you need to know to get ready for the season.

They chat about the big stories from the off-season, key positional battles, the Mexican Superstar package, and then finish off with some predictions for the season.

Luchi’s Leadership

Dustin sat down with FC Dallas Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez to talk about his views on leadership and how he approaches leading as a coach and manager.

Luchi talked about the pressure of leading players and staff, dealing with all of the responsibilities that come with the job, the origin of the “family” mantra, and the one thing he wants to tell fans about the upcoming season.

2020 Fan Preview with El Matador’s Luis Dollar

Jonathan Roz hosts the 2020 Fan Preview! He interviews Luis Dollar about El Matador’s 2020 plans and life in a supporter’s group.

Plus! Man in the Stands interviews with you, the fans, at the Austin Bold scrimmage.

CBA for Dummies – with Scott Rezendes

Before the 2020 MLS season starts, the players and owners have to come to an agreement on a new CBA. Travel, roster rules, salaries, and several other issues have to be figured out. But what exactly is a CBA, and how did we get here?

Scott Rezendes of The Soccer Syndicate (and formerly an employee at the MLSPA and a USL GM) joins Dustin to break it all down from the beginning! They cover the beginning of the MLSPA, what negotiations are REALLY like, current and historical hot button issues, and much more!

Lower League Roundup – Josh and Moises Hernandez

Dustin gives a summary of the first few weeks of MASL action for the Dallas Sidekicks and the Mesquite Outlaws.

Then Dustin and Arman sat down with Josh Hernandez (Sidekicks) and Moises Hernandez (formerly FC Dallas) to talk about their lives, careers, growing up together, and who’s better at FIFA.

2019 (LIVE) Season Review – Part 2

The guys took over the mezzanine at 3 Nations Brewery in Carrollton, Tx for their live season review show. They were joined by a parade of friends and had so much fun they split it into two parts!

In part 2, Dustin, Arman, Tristan, and Jonathan have their own roundtable to discuss FC Dallas’ 2019 season. They grade the team, discuss the premise of whether a curve should be applied to that grade, and then ponder “what if Oscar Pareja hadn’t left”. The guys are then joined by audience members to discuss their view on the season, including FC Dallas social media team member, Michael Ramirez (@michrami_).

Following that, Walter Martinez (@El_Quimico) of the 19th Minute Podcast joins to talk about the attendance/marketing/game-day issues the team seems to have.

And finally, everyone at the brewery helped crown the Dallas Soccer Show Player of the Year award.

2019 (LIVE) Season Review – Part 1

The guys took over the mezzanine at 3 Nations Brewery in Carrollton, Tx for their live season review show. They were joined by a parade of friends and had so much fun they split it into two parts!

In part 1, Dustin, Arman, and Tristan chat with North Texas SC CB and captain Brecc Evans about his career and life at North Texas SC. Then 3rd Degree’s Dan Crooke (@Crooke86), FC Dallas Media’s Garrett Melcer (@GarrettMelcer), and Jonathan run the comb over North Texas SC’s inaugural season!


Special Announcement and Edwin Cerrillo Exclusive

We’ve got a special announcement! We want YOU to help us record our season review!

Join us on Nov 15th at 7:30pm at 3 Nations Brewery for some craft beer and soccer talk! Come meet Dustin, Tristan, Arman, and Jonathan, some other media personalities, and North Texas SC captain, Brecc Evans.

Plus, we caught up with Edwin Cerrillo before he heads to Germany on Monday to train with Bayern Munich.

Lower League Roundup – Intro to the MASL (and Season Preview)

Kevin Lindstrom of 3rdDegree.net joins Dustin to talk about the Major Arena Soccer League., why DFW soccer fans should care about it, what to expect at an indoor soccer match and the rich history of the league!

He also helps preview what promises to be an exciting 2019-2020 season for the Dallas Sidekicks and the upstart Mesquite Outlaws.

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