2019 (LIVE) Season Review – Part 2

The guys took over the mezzanine at 3 Nations Brewery in Carrollton, Tx for their live season review show. They were joined by a parade of friends and had so much fun they split it into two parts!

In part 2, Dustin, Arman, Tristan, and Jonathan have their own roundtable to discuss FC Dallas’ 2019 season. They grade the team, discuss the premise of whether a curve should be applied to that grade, and then ponder “what if Oscar Pareja hadn’t left”. The guys are then joined by audience members to discuss their view on the season, including FC Dallas social media team member, Michael Ramirez (@michrami_).

Following that, Walter Martinez (@El_Quimico) of the 19th Minute Podcast joins to talk about the attendance/marketing/game-day issues the team seems to have.

And finally, everyone at the brewery helped crown the Dallas Soccer Show Player of the Year award.